In-Person Group Classes

We offer a range of group classes at various levels.  Click on the button below to check out the live schedule.  

*  Note that during the COVID pandemic, we currently have a very "fluid" schedule so we ask that if you're interested in taking a class, you contact our studio directly instead of our usual practice of scheduling yourself online.

*Must be fully COVID vaccinated + boosted to participate in GROUP classes.  Masks are worn per current studio guidelines.

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Group Apparatus Classes

How do I know if I’m in the right level of class?

We offer multilevel classes designed for various populations. Note that while the levels provide a guide, there will be times when we may require a certain level of proficiency in a private or duet session to ensure your safety before being allowed to participate in a class.  Group apparatus classes are 50 minutes in length unless they are specified as an EXPRESS Class which is 25 minutes in length.

LEVEL 0 (Beginner "Gentle" Modified)
Has little or no experience with Pilates exercises on the mat or apparatus. Needs a slower pace, moderate assistance with changing settings on apparatus, and/or assistance with modifications & positioning for pre-existing medical precautions (i.e. low bone density, prenatal/postpartum, sciatica, total joint replacements, spine issues, balance, etc.). Needs significant instruction and cuing on posture and movement fundamentals.  Slow pace.
LEVEL 1 (Basic or "Deep" Fundamentals)
Has some Pilates experience (past or present) on either mat or apparatus. May need min/moderate assistance with changing settings on apparatus, and/or assistance with modifications & positioning for medical precautions. May need min/moderate cuing for posture and movement fundamentals.  Deliberate pace.
LEVEL 2 (Flow - Intermediate)
Moderate fitness level and substantial Pilates experience within ProBalance, specifically working on the apparatus (Konnectors, Oov, etc) in a class setting or privately within the ProBalance Studio. Able to change most spring/apparatus settings with little or no assistance. Able to self modify and properly position with necessary props for any pre-existing medical conditions. Has a solid grasp of posture/movement fundamentals with good body awareness with more complex sequencing/exercises.  Faster/Flow paced.
LEVEL 3 (Advanced/Teacher Training)
Should have a high level of fitness, practicing Pilates consistently at least 2x/week for 6+ months privately or in classes, and/or is currently in a Pilates Teacher Training program or is a Pilates teacher. Able to change all spring/apparatus without assistance. They must have excellent body awareness and a solid understanding of any limitations within their bodies. **Note: These classes may require instructor approval to participate and may not be suitable for all bodies.


The ProBalance® Studio is a host teaching facility for the globally recognized Polestar® Comprehensive Teacher Training Program, as well as several movement related continuing education courses/workshops.

We periodically have Apprentice teachers who have been approved to see clients so they can log in their required Apprentice Teaching hours and gain experience teaching on all of the major apparatus (reformer, trapeze table/tower, combo chair, ladder barrel, and spine corrector).  

The benefit of working with an Apprentice is that they will put you through a fitness screening session to identify your problem areas and then work privately with you using most, if not all of the major apparatus in your session for the same price of a 50 min Apparatus group class.  

Check our RATES page for more details on class/apprentice pricing.

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