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Polestar Pilates Teacher Training

At The ProBalance® Studio

So you're thinking about becoming a Pilates teacher or adding comprehensive Pilates training to your toolbox.  

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There's a difference between teaching exercise and teaching movement. 

Click below to hear a synopsis of what the program looks like at our studio from Ada Wells, PT, a Polestar Senior Educator & Owner of The ProBalance® Studio.*

*Note that the program has evolved over time and there are some changes to the format and timing of the content in the comprehensive series.  


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What being a Polestar Pilates Teacher or Practitioner means...

Feeling CONFIDENT Working with ALL Populations

Let's face it.  Those who typically seek Pilates training are not always the perfect, long and lean Instagram models. as Ada likes to say, Their bodies have "been places."

You want to feel confident that you are able to create thoughtful and appropriate Pilates programs (or know when it's time to refer to someone else when it may be out of your scope of practice.)

The Polestar Comprehensive Series allows us to look at EVERY exercise and determine who it is good for, who we should modify for, how to modify, and most importantly, who we may not want to give that exercise to.

Getting Your Clients and Patients Back on Track FASTER

When you understand the WHY, it's so much easier to implement the HOW.

Whether you are making a career change and have little or no formal training in fitness or you are a seasoned rehabilitation professional ready to add some tools to your toolbox, you will come away learning a system of creating programs that takes the science and blends it with the art of movement.

You'll come away with a solid understanding of how each exercise relates to others in the repertoire and how you can create the building blocks for success.


TRANSFORM Lives & LOVE What You Do

There's nothing more satisfying than knowing you have made a difference in someone's life.  

Giving someone the gift of movement and enabling to experience what they didn't know was possible for them is an extraordinarily rewarding way to spend your days.

Becoming a Polestar Pilates teacher or practitioner can help you make a difference in someone's life and enhance your own in the process.



Train with us!

Click here for our upcoming dates for the Alameda/Oakland Cohort, as well as other Polestar cohorts around the country.



The Oov is going to rock your world...literally. While it may look a bit interesting, this tool will change the way you think about doing any exercise on a flat surface. 

Our body doesn't have any straight lines...neither does the Oov. Create transformation by moving in 3D.  The Oov, is a unique 3-Dimensional apparatus that enhances efficiency of motor learning and movement training by mimicking the body, innately creating an environment for rapid neurological response and lasting change. 

The ProBalance® Studio is one of the global Oov® education centers for rehab, medical, and fitness professionals to learn how to integrate this tool into their practice.

See the Oov® Teacher Training Schedule

Teacher Training Supplement 

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