Did you wake up feeling your age today?

You're getting through life, but after one wrong move, you find yourself out of commission.  Your mind says "GO" but your body says "WHOA!" 

At The ProBalance® Studio, we believe that life is too short to let nagging aches and pains slow you down.  Your ability to thrive and feel vibrant starts with a body AND brain that can efficiently adapt as the conditions change. 

Our team of experienced physical therapists and movement professionals are experts in bridging that gap.  Through the progressive and strategic use of Pilates-based movement, we will help restore and re-energize your body so that you can find zest in your life.

Visit The ProBalance® Studio, located just 5 minutes from the OAK airport in beautiful Alameda, CA, to work with us onsite and/or join our Be Well-Stay Well™ Online Subscription as an affordable and convenient wellness option.

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Physical Therapy Services

Find out about how we use Pilates and movement as our primary modality for treatment.

We only use licensed PT's/PTA's for your 1:1 sessions.  Click below for more information about rates, insurance, HSA/FlexSpend options, and more.

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Pilates Wellness Services

Enjoy the benefits of Pilates on the apparatus in our fully equipped studio with services provided by both licensed PT's/PTA's and comprehensively trained Pilates fitness teachers.

 If you are new to our studio, you can take advantage or our one time "Intro to Pilates" 3 pack for $199 to give you a taste of why we're different.

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Be Well-Stay Well™ Online Classes

The Be Well-Stay Well™ Monthly Subscription is an affordable way to do Pilates classes from home with LIVE interaction from teachers/guest contributors from its global network, including ProBalance®.  For just $39/month, you get access to 90-100 live classes per month and over 600 on-demand classes for multiple levels.

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Specialized Programs designed with your goals in mind

Are you a golfer who wants to swing more effortlessly?  Maybe you live on a sailboat and want to get a cruising boater's workout for your next voyage?  Maybe you have a dancer in the family who is training for a special event. Maybe you're a new mom that needs specific pelvic floor training.

Our team of practitioners have unique specialties that can help you reach your goals.

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FREE Resources

Understanding WHY you are doing something helps you become an integral part of your own healing.   Click below for recommended free resources listed inside the Online "Be Well-Stay Well™" portal, including simple exercises, mini-workouts, mythbusting videos, a posture & body mechanics checklist, and more.

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Become a Pilates Teacher 

The ProBalance® Studio is the host site for Polestar Pilates Teacher Training, Oov® Training, and other continuing education courses related to professional movement development.  We are teaching the next generation of movement professionals.  

We periodically include opportunities for free and drastically reduced pricing as our Pilates Teacher Students accumulate their apprentice teaching hours and prepare for their graduation exam.

If you are interested in becoming a comprehensively trained Pilates teacher or are a PT looking to add Pilates to your toolbox, click the box below for information.

Polestar Pilates Teacher Training

Directions & Contact Info

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Phone:  510-523-1900
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